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DISTANCE - Elements of a Successful Wedding Rehearsal & Creating Forms for Your Celebrant Business

3 hr - Elements of a Successful Wedding Rehearsal

 This activity describes how to conduct an effective rehearsal. The rehearsal is an important part of this journey ‘rite of passage’ to the wedding day and provides a unique opportunity for ceremony participants to relaxedly bond through this practice. It has immense practical value, as it allows understanding of the site, and the best placement of the guests and wedding party. A rehearsal can take longer than the wedding, as it is important to get things right. Discussions occur, changes are made to accommodate time and location, preparation is crucial to the smooth flow of the wedding ceremony. It can be considered a ‘sub-ritual’ of the ceremony, one of the lead-in activities to the important day. We will discuss the vital importance of rehearsing readers, and the practice of any other rituals, including the exchange of rings.

2 hr - Creating Forms for Your Celebrant Business

In order to properly maintain the celebrant business, celebrants need to have a set of business forms that apply to their own business. It is vitally important that the celebrant sets out very clearly and unambiguously, what their service consists of and what the costs and charges will be. A well thought out group of forms will do this most effectively. From booking and enquiry forms, to service agreements and invoices, the more comprehensive the forms are, the less likelihood there will be for misunderstandings and lost business. Celebrants also need to understand the reasons behind celebrant insurance and why it is important to consider taking out a cover.

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Course date 01-06-2019 9:30 am
Course end date 31-12-2019 3:30 pm
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