OPD Information

OPD Information

LifeSkills Training enages a number of highly skilled trainers to conduct OPD.  We have numerous OPD topics and continue to add to them each year.  Please check the OPD link at the top.

VET logo  Life Skills Training RTO 22417 - is an authorised supplier of OPD in 2018 - Here is a link to all topics being offered in 2018.











Association pricing - we have negotiated with many associations – please call them for your code for reduced pricing.

Along with many other topics – the new topics we have available are:
Memorial Park and Crematorium Visit (on-site cemetery visits)
Writing an Authentic Funeral Ceremony
Wonderful Naming Ceremonies
Beyond Diversity and Inclusion (Inc Same Sex Marriages)
Customer Service - master class
Communication is more than Information
Feel the Power – P.A. systems for Celebrants (held in a professional recording studio)

All registrations are handled through our website. On enrolment, a tax invoice and tax receipt are issued immediately. Automatic reminders are sent one week before the event – and in most cases a text message is also sent the night before an OPD event.

  • LIFESKILLS TRAINING is cognisant of and adheres to our Privacy Policy, protecting the privacy of celebrants. LIFESKILLS TRAINING will not make their information available to third parties except with the express authorisation of the celebrant.
  • For celebrants who are not computer literate it will be possible for them to contact the office and have their registration processed over the phone. Our OPD Manager will be available to assist with the registration process.

FACE TO FACE CLASSROOM - See the timetable above for upcoming dates/place/topics

PRIVATE GROUP - We would be delighted to facilitate a private group that you organise – this is often a cheaper option – you organise the venue and catering, and we turn up and train! Call us for a quote that meets your needs.

DISTANCE/ONLINE - For those that prefer the training to be conducted in your own home in your own time – through distance learning - please book online https://www.lifeskillstraining.vic.edu.au/opd/opd-distance or call our office 03 97633313 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get the workbooks to you.

PRICING - There are various prices - please see website for details

TRANSFERRING SESSIONS - We try to accommodate anyone who needs to transfer dates after they have booked. However, if you need to do this in the 10 days prior to the training there will be a $50.00 charge to do so. (This covers our costs that we pay ahead of the training.)

Every celebrant who completes a session with us, either face-to-face or distance education, will receive a certificate of completion for their own records. It is our responsiblity to ensure we notify the AGD of your attendance at OPD. The Certificates willbe avialable for download after each event - by the celebrant themselved - through our online portal.